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DC Universe Vol.3: The Wards



The Wards, the pupils, the squires. The teenaged relatives or partners of the big guns. Less teen titans and more Young Justice, with Supergirl and Batgirl acting as chaperones to the teen heroes.

Robin: Tim Drake, basically an amalgamation of his different uniforms.

Superboy: Kon-El, the original costume without the fat: no jacket, belts, straps, etc.

Batgirl: I know Barbara Gordon is not comtemporary the the rest of the characters (she should be in a wheel-chair :hmm:) but it's hard to beat a red-headed Batgirl. I didn't like much "The Batman", from the little I saw, but their Batgirl design was neat, which I figure was inspired by the 60's tv series.

Impulse: What Bart Allen wore before and during his Young Justice days.

Supergirl: I almost went with the latter Linda Danvers outfit (the one with the gloves and midriff tee, that was based on STAS), but instead went with what I think is the best of the many Supergirl uniforms, the one from the late 80's and 90's.

Wonder Girl: A little of everything for her. She changes uniforms every couple of years, so I picked and chose what I liked from all the different versions.

Mary Marvel: Went with the white uniform, and made her a little younger than the others. I didn't know who to draw as the 7th of this group, was thinking of Donna Troy, Starfire (who is not a pupil of any major hero, but had the Teen Titans connection)... then I read on Wikipedia that Mary Marvel predates Supergirl, as the female spin-off of a major superhero.

Next up: the some JSA, or heroes that work solo! :D
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Now that I know you're still out there, I saw fit to continue my reviews:

Batgirl: Perhaps it's only right that my favorite design of the bunch goes up first, but there it is. Drawing on Batgirl's solid "The Batman" design was a good choice, and if anything it looks better here in your style. I love the different shades of purple, with the very dark going well with the very light. The thigh-high boots with heels are especially nice, but my favorite detail of all is the cool twirling motion with the "ball and rope" thing she's got there. So in all, a winner.

Impulse: Pretty solid all around. You used his classic look, which is an okay superhero costume in my mind. You captured it well, and I find it interesting that you went for a fairly static pose for a speedster. It does capture his self-absorbed nature and confidence rather well though. I will say that his huge smile and eyes in conjunction with that insane hairdo do make him look vaguely like a cartoon monkey, but then again that's probably only right for the character, isn't it?

Supergirl: Another winner. Everything from the costume to the hair to the pose to even the background is spot-on. Not really sure WHAT else to say here, since it's all been nailed so nicely. The one possible point of change might be the facial expression, which seems rather severe for a character I usually associate with being casual and down to Earth, but otherwise, this is a home-run.

Robin: I'm going to confess that I almost always hate red and green color schemes due to the Christmas feel they give off. I understand that's been commonplace with Robin for years (since the beginning, even), and he is thus one of the only times I tolerate it. As it stands, the design here is pretty good, only with the belt worn the way it is, it makes it look like he's wearing tights. I've already expressed my hatred for the "undies on the front" look elsewhere, so I won't belabor a point. And frankly, outside of that Tim's looking good. The pose is what you want for an action-oriented main hero who's got confidence and a willingness to fight the bad guys, and I like the inclusion of the staff. The staff is always cool.

Wonder Girl: I actually kind of hate this character, so it's hard to not let that bias influence me TOO much. As it is, barring the bracelets (which, I will admit look good), the very casual outfit isn't for me. I will say to your credit though that it's well drawn, and accurate to the comics (which in general seems to be what you're striving for), so I'll give points for that. The one thing that's definitely not doing it for me though is the face. To me, there's something rather odd with how her face looks there. Honestly, it looks a little too masculine, I think. But not masculine as in a buff man, more masculine as in a weasely, shifty-eyed looking man. 

Superboy: And here's a character who I hated in the 1990s specifically. I will give you credit though, you actually made the costume here look pretty dang good. AND, you got rid of the shades and the horrendously bad "Mushroom Cut". All that remains is to get rid of that so-stupid-it-hurts earring, and you will have completely fixed my least favorite take on Superboy ever. Nice job with the pose and correct musculature too.

Mary Marvel: And we end on a good note. The face, pose, and background are all flawless, and the costume design is very nice. White and gold go very well together, and I think it reflects Mary's goodness and idealism-fueled heroism rather well. Of course, the classic red and gold would have also worked, but I've got nothing bad to say about the look chosen. So overall, another one of the best in this line-up.

Overall, I think that this, like the Justice League Reserves, was a stronger piece on the whole, with even the characters I don't like being well-drawn and well-portrayed overall. I don't see a single design here that I would say is completely bad. So well done.