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Stained glass window with Discord n Screwball

Stained-glass window experiment.

UPDATE: 20%. more cool <:3 +light
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Oh gosh you don't say... 
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Me and my mom do stained glass for a hobby.  Mind if we make this irl?
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love it! but what is screwball doing?
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Tuni Season two of mlp episode 2 she was the pony flying and screw loose was in read it and weep season 1 i think
CosmicWaltz's avatar
Screw Ball, Screw Loose, and the Master of all things Crazy!
tunipeace's avatar
who is screw ball and this other blue pony???
bionicdragon5's avatar
...because he is her Daddy Discord.
And she is a piece of him.

BoloxumRage's avatar
i memorized that song!!!!!!!!!!!
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I bloody love that song!
BoloxumRage's avatar
yeah, i found it on soundcloud too, i donloaded it too!!
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Wow that looks brilliant how did you achieve that stained glass effect? I would love to use it on my own vector (you can see here) [link]
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i like the crazy pony xD
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This... is pretty awesome.
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Whos' the blue?
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It's Screw Loose, a barking crazy pony from the last episode.
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I will not be able to see that for a few months. Pity.

I'm getting the definite vibe that Discord's rule of Equestria messed with the pony gene pool.
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Screw Ball has fallen to chaos... if anypony calls for an exstermanatus ima bring the iron rain on erm! She can be saved!!!
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Wow, thats really pretty!~ I love it :D :D :D
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