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Pinkie Pie's toys

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Maud: not shown

Rest of the family: WTF

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I can tell which ones are Luna, Celestia, and (possibly) Discord. And I think those two with the brushes are Twily and Rarity.
Where's everypony else?
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Igneous Rock Trot (Updated) by Anonycat : Ma, I think Pinkamena's been sniffing that glue again.
Clapping Pony Icon - Maud (slow) : (long pause) Inspiring.
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the whole mlp story was just made up by an insane filly
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"Honey, I´m starting to believe that that Derpy friend of hers is a bad influence"
"But look at our little jewel! She is having fun with rocks. I´m so proud, darling"
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LOLO luna got sent to the stool!!!!!!! I guess Celestia controls
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well thas kind of sad
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why is this creep...
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Even as a filly Pinkie went a bit mad. But it's kind of cute that she tried to make rocks into toys.
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totes adorbs indeed
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Don't be so freaked out, Clyde. You're the one who won't spring for some real toys.

And I get Luna & Celestia, but which characters are the other rocks?
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Suddenly I recall the joke from "Rainbow Dash Presents: A Haunting Nightmare" about Twilight separating the light rocks from the dark rocks.
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i like nightmare moon on the stool
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summed up the last episode : all of mlpfim was happening in the mind of Diane, a young pony with autism.
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nah i'm joking of course; but that would be one creepy ending. i imagine the fat neckbeard mlpfans realizing that's a parabole of their obsession about the show..
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Precognition, anyone?
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note 1 : she have a knife
note 2 :she make luna... but how she know who is luna o.õ ?
note 3: its sooo cute *3* q
Vocal-The-Chained's avatar
Why does she need the knife?
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Whittling... Though in your favour, it would probably be a good idea for a chisel and hammer instead for that purpose.
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her real name is pinkamena diane pie
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