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First Public Version



Pony Commission



Equestria School



Animation of Humanized Glimmer Sunburst and Spike



New Version of My Little Canterlot

Super Albino: Llamas are awesome! (362)
Hey, Guys! I did new deviatart channel to drawing noPonies fanarts or sexy anime games (in future). NSFW 18+ But In "alexmakovsky" channel I'll still submit only pony contents & arts. Thanks.
Hey, Guys! I make fast news about Daring Do the game on my twitter.
Hey Guys! It's my Twitter for fast news about Daring Do the game and my arts at all:  Thank You! :3

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I dont think I ever seen such beautiful Mlp art before, you definitely earned my watch
I know a team that is working on a game. Let me know if you are interested. It is a paying job but I am not sure how much. You will have to ask them about it. They have a few positions open that I think you will do well in.
Hi, FavoriteArtMan! How are You?
It still in development, but I'll want to show it to all bronies soon.
But I need some more time to make more enemies, bosses and puzzles.)
I'm doing just fine.

I can't wait to see, download and perhaps play the Daring Do game once it's fully completed.

Have you given consideration to using the Indiana Jones theme for any part of he game, if I may ask?
I hope I can make it soon! There's some more works to do.
I thought about music, and there's some problems with Indiana Jones music, because some people want to play on Youtube, and YT don't like 
when we take someone else's music.