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November 23, 2010
Through the clouds by *Alexm95. A beautiful sci-fi scene with excellent POV and atmosphere.
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Suggested by mintyy
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Through the clouds

Created in vue 8, and Photoshop. i used couple of cloud layers in vue and composite it together to Achieve the look that i wanted. The model is from [link]
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adni18's avatar
Great work! :thumbsup:
iHackit's avatar
Gourgeous. Looks like it's relly there.
Puuronen's avatar
It´s like a screenshot from a movie, very cool!
rrr1077's avatar
nice one Alexm
JHendershot's avatar
I'm thinking some influence from Bespin, hm? ;D
Duerkark-the-Witness's avatar
God, that is the sexiest thing ever. So awesome. XD
karibous-boutique's avatar
Breathtaking! The cloud work is stunning -- truly a lovely piece. Futuristic and serene all at once.
WolfBytes's avatar
Very very nice.
Andora's avatar
This work make me think in Bespin city :)
Regards from: MEXICO.
doggirlinu's avatar
Baha! I thought Cloud City as well. <3
Widunder's avatar
"It's not a system, it's at man. Lando Calrissian."
Affet-kak's avatar
great work!
those colours work really well and the clouds are just right
fallenangelII's avatar
This is lovely. I really like the atmosphere (is it morning or sunset?) So serene. It may be sci-fi but feels like there is a touch of fantasy there. :+fav: And congrats on the DD!
Alexm95's avatar
Alexm95's avatar
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I dont wanna ruin the beauty of it, but because I like it so much, I personally would have liked the platform to be more closer to the viewer.
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xplosivemind's avatar
I am digging the clouds. Great angle and colors.
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