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Misty Jungle

Created using vue 9, World machine, Photoshop for some colour correction.I have created a short 3D animation with some of the environments I have made with Vue here is a link

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Finally!!! A Vue User. 
Mac or PC?...
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woooow, incredible
and video is breathe taking, u can go create Avatar II world ;D
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This is awesome man.
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This is what I hear in my head

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very nice work
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nice one .. lovely environment and vegetation .. :)
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the scene is too damn realistic!! awesome work with the lighting system and the detail!
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Thank you all for the inspiring comments.
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I can hardly believe that this is not real
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if i didnt look at digital stuff 24/7 i could be convinced this was a photo
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Nicely done, has a very realistic quality to it!
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This looks awesome! :D
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very nicely done!
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btw nice animation reel too, looks great!
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I really like your animation :-)
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unbelievable quality work!
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great work! do you use a render farm for the render right?
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No, its rendered on one computer.
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really? you must have a powerful pc then or a lot of patience :D
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Great landscape! I rarely see steep mountains used in the same scene as canyon-like features mixed together so well :clap: Some vegetation at the bottom of the canyon is to be expected with so many trees around. But I suppose it does show off the detail in the terrain the way it is :)
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