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Friendly match

Sometimes.... I just take things to seriously... XD 

It's also a "Game Grumps" reference. ;3

OC Blank Novel belongs to :iconzacatron94:

And Artistic Treasure is the OC and daughter of :iconzacatron94: and :icontsand106: 

Other OCs in the last panel






Maybe a little hard to see you guys but you're there. :3
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Father support, be funny and best there is
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The moms are like "WTF Dude! I don't know this guy!!!"
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XD Your average day at a soccer match.
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Thankfully that has not happened to me.

( Yet. )
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its just a innocent soccer match...
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xD only having you parents screaming wicked things from the crowd xD and thats why i prefer rugby
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What supportive PARENTS A+ 
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"YOU GOT THIS GOLDIE F***'EM UP!" "DON'T WORRY TREASURE THESE OTHER KIDS A'INT GOT SH*T" I laughed at that so hard i almost sh*t my self
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Good that you didn't shit yourself. XD
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Heyyy, Goldie is wearing Brazil's colors! Cheers for her! XD
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Heh, yeah. Even tho I didn't realice until someone told me. I am not really a huge fan of football. XD
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I thought you called our football "soccer".
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No. Thats America. XD
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Oh yea, you're swede.
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i can see captain white facepalming in the last panel X3
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fathers simply fathers
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can we que the drunk fight? 
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Wtf Is Wrong With You
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