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simply stunning :)

Majestic beauty

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Dime a dozen whore.

As part of her daily ritual Natasha falls into a deep meditation.....fantasizing about being even hotter....increasing her level of dominance over the competition....forcing her body beyond its known AND unknown limits ......her desire for supremacy always first and foremost on her mind. One of the girls in the hot body contests sports a 17 1/2 in waistline  a full half inch smaller than Natasha's ...even though the girl is tinier over all, and smaller in bone structure, its STILL unacceptable to Natasha.... she pushes her body to match the girls measurement.....then DESTROY  it by a 1/4 inch!! it appears nothing can stop Natasha's desire for supremacy .......het panties fall loose from her tiny waist Natasha lifts them with her fingers  feeling for herself what just 3/4 of an inch does to her overall sensuality......
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Great pose and beautifully captured.
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Fantastic pose and model
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absolutely smoking hot
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Not BAD at all...
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Those eyebrows are on point!
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Cool work. Lovely facial expression she show.
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