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The Basilisk

A fun quick painting done on friday after work. About 3 hours in photoshop with some Lagunitas.
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When I saw this I thought of SCP-682
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When i first saw the image i thought it was a project for dungeons and dragons or something. They are using the same model for a basilisk:…

Great work, he seems so innocent!
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 Thanks! I hadn't seen the dnd basilisks. The warhammer forgeworld basilisk model and giant salamanders are what inspired this guy. Cheers!
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I don't know of any mythology in which basilisks are multi-legged.  Is this a thing going around?
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 only in my head! I more or less just took the name and ran with it after seeing Forgeworlds basilisk model for warhammer.
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this is so dope....keep up the good work
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Awesome beyond all reason.
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Freaky! I love it! ;)
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I like the salamander-like to it, it makes alot of sense. Because basilisk are water-based and such.
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Were you inspired by lost planet?
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Nope, sadly I will admit i haven't played through that game.
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Looks like the world's biggest salamander.
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haha yup, that was where I was trying to go, with just a bit of a twist of the fantastical. I figure once his mouth is open its all business.
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Love the colour scheme!
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I imagine it as a little bigger than a rhino, maybe a rhino and a half? haha, cheers!
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Damn, thats the stuff on nightmares.... Good work though
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