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Leaf Octopus

 Started as a daily spitpaint for the facebook group, worked on it for another hour during lunch. Thanks for looking!

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I've always wanted a leaf octopus! I just didn't know that I did.
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Quick! Throw a Pokeball :D
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That would make a pretty sweet pokemon. Just sayin'. :)
N0b1eRebe1's avatar
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Ahh, yes, must be a relative of our great Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus...
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Brilliant, I love it. Interesting thing about octopus eyes, they are usually oriented horizontally against gravity regardless of their own body position. Helps them maintain a sense of orientation maybe.
AlexKonstad's avatar
 very good to know! interesting little factoid. :D Thanks!
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damn :) this is awesome. so natural and cool looking
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This is amazing! I really like the colours and contrast. Well done :)
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Very beautiful creature, awesome job!
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very good - interesting creature design. i could well imagine it really exists. : )
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This looks fantastic - the lighting and volumes look amazingly real. Great job!
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How Octorocks COULD have looked in Twilight Princess <3
ArtKitt-Creations's avatar
Looks like one of those Nat Geo photos! :P
SinjaAussiaAngels's avatar
Love the design! Very different!
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Dawwwwwwwwww. Adorable!
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what a great concept
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