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Hey folks,I'll be in Pittsburgh this weekend for the convention At the Aspen booth signing doing commissions.

sorry for the lack of post recently, but I'm going to try and make sure and post more. in the mean time check me out on Instagram now alexkonat to see some of the stuff i haven't posted up here just yet.
gearing up for the long week down in San Diego, got plenty to get to before i leave, but it's going to be a big con for us at Aspen.  there will be lots to check out at the both so come by the Aspen booth and see me and all the stuff we've got. ill be signing doing commissions, ill have some prints and be bringing along some art, so make sure you come by say hi and pick up some stuff.
this weekend ill be heading off to Phoenix Arizona for the Convention down there. ill be at the Aspen booth all weekend to stop by pick up some books and get some stuff signed by me and the rest of the guys from Aspen.

As usual ill have some prints and be doing commissions so with any luck ill have some stuff to post up when i get back. i know its been a while but that just means ive been working hard to get work done for all you guys.

for those of you familiar with JT's writing from the work we did together on Mindfield, it might interest you to know that he's written a novel that you might like to check out.  here's  a little bit about it from JT himself to get your interest peeked.

"I've lost my marbles."  When a fourteen year-old girl named Angie hears these simple words uttered from her aging grandfather's lips, she has no idea that it will send her on a journey into a hidden world of magic born from childhood imagination - one that bonds each and every one of us to a special talisman with wondrous powers.  Angie forgot all about this world as life clouded her mind with the mundane, the ordinary, and the tragic - but it's a world she must enter once again because her grandfather is telling the truth. He really did lose his marbles, and now it's up to Angie to find them.

At its core, The Lost Spark is an adventurous tale of fantasy and wonder harkening to such works as Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz.  It is a story that celebrates the magic of childhood imagination that must be cherished, especially in the face of the bleak reality we often find ourselves in each and every day.  Most have lost that connection with the magic inside of them.  The only question now is whether that special power will be found again or remain lost forever.

if you're interested its available for Pre-Order on Amazon.

heres the link…

hope you check it out.
had a busy couple of weeks with FanExpo and DragonCon so as soon as i get some of the stuff i did on my computer, ill post up some of the commissions ive done. if you follow Aspen or me on Facebook you'll get a sneak peek at one of them. so make sure and check back the next couple days to see!
hey pretty soon ill be off to SDCC 12 and this year ill have a print and be selling my original art. so if youre going to the show swing by the Aspen Booth any of the days and i should be around. even if youre not looking to buy swing by say hi and im sure we'll have some free stuff to give out.

check the gallery for a look at the Con print.
it's that time again guys and gals...

i'll be in San Diego this week for comic con. ill be at the Aspen booth sketching signing and plugging issue #1 of Fathom that'll be out for the con.  so come on by say hi, let me know what you think and while you're there take the time to check out all the other New Books Aspen is putting out
hey guys,

been keeping busy working on getting everything ready for the New York Comic Con. it's shaping up to be one hell of a show. i'll be at the Aspen booth all weekend signing, sketching and taking commissions. so if youre gonna be going swing by say hi and check out all the new stuff we have coming out.  thats the weekend of October 8-10 at the Javits Center. hope to see you there.

The first issue for my first published 22 page story comes out today. Written by JT Krul, its the tip of the iceberg to a far deeper story.  if you get a chance pick it up and let me know what you think.
well its out! as of today the Zero issue for JT Krul and my book is out. just in time for C2E2 this weekend in Chicago.  i'll be heading out tomorrow for the con, a little nervous and quite a bit excited.  if anyones gonna be in the area or at the con for that matter swing by the booth and say hi.  if you get the chance, let me know what you think.
thanks to Vince you can find all the info on new aspen books in one spot on Newsarama.

check out the link.
just a quick update. i just found out the new project, MINDFIELD just got a press release up on Newsarama. im sure its old hat for a lot of people, but for me this is all still pretty new and exciting/nerve racking.  but anyways, if you get the chance check it out at…
i havent been keeping up with updates like i should.  on the one hand its good cause ive been busy with more work on the other...i havent posted anything new in quite some time.  recently, the 80 page giant issue of batman that i did a 10 page story in before i started my gig at aspen has come out.  that being said i figured i would post up a couple of the pages from that story. if you want to see the whole thing you can either pick up the book, or check out my website, which i'll be updating in the next couple of days.  in terms of the Mindfield work, ive recently finished up the first issue.  however the book itself isnt due out for a while just yet but as soon as i get an ok from the guys at aspen i'll go ahead and post up some of the other promo stuff i've done for it as well as anything else they give me an ok to help push the book before it comes out.  thanks for baring with me though.
well ladies and gents here is a brand new project that i'll be working on with the guys at Aspen Comics.  it's a brand new property written and conceived by J.T. Krul.  it's a dark, gritty, psychological story with so much depth and many layers that i can only hope to bring justice to the world and characters that JT has created.  it promises to be a truly unique story that i am only to happy to be able to work on and i can't wait to get into drawing the story.

to hear what JT has to say about his new project check out his interview on comics continuum at…
the second portion of the gotham gazette book that i worked on will be out tomorrow the 27th.  its another set of five pages and at this point its almost been so long since i did them i'm a little iffy about putting them up.  i will though. However i think ill take Sean's advice and put up some of the other stuff ive been working on in the coming weeks; (and hope the big wigs at DC dont get too angry with me.)  so look for that.  as for the gazette stuff look for it tomorrow here, at the comic store or as always on my web site...
here it is folks, the first narrative stuff that i'll have published. it's only a five page stint in this issue but it's a start. the issue goes on sale March 4th in comic stores near you. its called;
Gotham Gazette: Batman Dead?
once it comes out i'll be sure to post up my pencils, so check back soon for those.

for more info on the book check out either

DC comics site
Comic Book Resources