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Quick Zoom (Photoshop Panel for CS6) by alexkaessner Quick Zoom (Photoshop Panel for CS6) by alexkaessner
Quick Zoom is a tiny Photoshop Panel that helps you to zoom your canvas in and out with just a button click.

Sadly with Photoshop CS6 and later Adobe removed the Zoom popup. I don't want to always type in the zoom status field if I want to zoom to 100% or so. Moving my Hands to the Keyboard to press the shortcut is also slower for me than just clicking on this tiny button.

Download it for free! Use it! And share your thoughts!

Quick Zoom supports Photoshop CS6 or later. (both tested on a Mac - created with Adobe Configurator 4)

Supported Languages:
- English
- German

PS: I tried to create a script that zooms the canvas to 50% if I click on a button, but I didn't find out how to write the script for this action. If someone can help, be so kind and share it ;)

Edit: Adobe discontinued support for flash based panels (like this one). So sadly this panel won't work on Photoshop CC 2014 or higher - sorry:…
AlbanyStudios Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014  Professional Photographer
does it work on a pc? Can you include an "how to install on a pc" pdf file please?
alexkaessner Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014  Student Interface Designer
It should also work on Windows, because I created the panel with Adobe Configurator. But I'm not sure, I'm not able to test it on Windows. Can you try this for me? :)

I also updated the Readme (it's now a PDF) to include an install guide for Windows. Hope that helps.
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January 28, 2014
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