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Shaped Brushes -set 01-

By alexjames01
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First set of brushes. More to come.

Use them freely, no need to link back or anything but any feedback would be great.
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thanks these are cool!
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These are fantastic! I will be using these for a client on their website and might post the link at another time on my other account, (silverperfume). Thank you so much for the fantastic designs! Did you know these brushes came up on the 1st page of Google?! That is really impressive! Congrats on that. :)
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thanks men great
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The brushes seems cool!
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thankyou so much for the awesome brushes. they are perfect. :D
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Hi alexjames01,
I downloaded your brushes sometime ago and now I'd like to use them as part of a border decoration on my school's yearbook page. The border is going to look like this:
and if you insist, I could add your name in the piece - although I don't want to because it's supposed to be a border. I tried adding your name earlier and then it looked like an advertisment lol
So do you still want me to add your name or is my explanation sufficient?
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sorry, i copy/pasted that from another comment I made XD the other artist is stricter.
i guess just letting you know i'm using it would be okay! :)
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Love these. These are really helpful for vector wallpapers. Thanks! :D
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its greats thank you
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yo gracias playa maya of the city of my heart
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Thanks! They're very useful. :)
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i used your brush. thanks
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No problem, thank you! :)
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great brushes...wonderful design..
just one i'm new. how can i control the brushes as per my choice as it prints randomly..

thanks for great artwork.
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Weird how it prints randomly. You should be able to select the brush tool and on the top left click the drop down arrow next to the "current brush" and select whichever brush you please.

Hope that helps and thanks!
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Jazzy brushes! :D
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^^You're welcome :D
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hey great design just wondering what your using thanks.
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Just using ps cs2 is all.

I just used basic shapes.
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