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Standalone Octavia

Octavia from my art [link]
SVG [link]
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Cute rubber hooves!!!
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Truly the most beautiful creature ever witnessed by anyone anywhere ever.

I must get her into my life.
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Looks great!

Any chance you could fix the SVG link?
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I find this funny because she looks so smug
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I made a glas with your image, I hope you like it :)…
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To be honest, it was my order for rtry.
I hope you apologize i didn't ask.

Rather beg for forgiveness than asking for permission. 

u know <3
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Hi, can i use this picture plz ?
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Can I use this as a chatlands pose?
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Hi, i used and credited this vector here if that's okay :D : [link]
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I made a wallpaper cover with this vector, i hope you don't mind. Great vector. Here: [link]
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Can I use this to help me create a model puppet for her? I think I'm just going to use the hair if so...
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why not?:)
of course
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here she is; the design is really crappy,didn't have any idea so it was just a mash of colors,cutie mark makes no sense whatsoever

compared to my other founders of equestria, this one has got to be the weakest,thanks for the pose, if anything,the body looks awesome XD
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