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My fiancee' :iconmeeshkamodel: got her modeling photo published in Toronto Sun today, mentioning Romantically Apocalyptic
Send her hugs for this toasty newspaper-based achievement!
Webcam picture:

Same picture, less pixelated:

Congrats Meesh!

If you didn't already know :iconmeeshkamodel: also poses as the CAPTAIN  for the production process of the Romantically Apocalyptic comic. The rest of the time, it's other models that come into the studio, sometimes guys sometimes girls. The Captain is thus technically all genders. :D

Also she got me a modeling gig today, so I worked as a model with her and got paid for an hour of modeling.
Easiest $100 I've ever made. Wooo.

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Congrats Meesh, indeed! Kudos to you both, for modeling and being fiancées et cetera et cetera.

So, the Captain is all genders, eh?
Captain- be ALL the genders! :iconallthethingsplz:

Ooh, what were you modeling? Clothes? Jewelry? Feet? Something that wasn't clothes, jewelry, or feet?
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so you are dating zee captain? pilot won't like this... lol
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Oh, so you get people coming into your studio to pose as characters... I see! That's so cool! I never would've guessed it was a bunch of different people! If you are still in contact with any of them give them my kudos for awesome posing!

OH she's your fiancée! Wow I suck at reading. Congratu-freaking-lations!
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Congratulations! :)
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congratulation =)
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Congrats to your fiance!

I knew it! Zee Captain is....ZEE CAPTAIN. Can't give that amazingness a gender.
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Awesome<333 She's very pretty btw :D
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That's awesome C: Tell her grats.
And, I knew it. Captain is both genders. :iconwthplz: And what is Mr. Snippys reaction to all of this?
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So captain IS a girl!?
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So Zee Captain is both genders... NO CAPTAIN, IT'S OKAY. YOU CAN KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON. :iconimhorrifiedplz:
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She's lovely.
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This changes EVERYTHING :O
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Woohoo! Local support from Guelph! I've always been a bit proud that you're local. Supporting local artists is a great thing and it just rocks that you two are super cool too. :3
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HAHA! I knew he was both. Lol. But wait... does this make him a Transgender? And if so.... what was he FIRST?

That my good man, is the question O-O
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Lucky! I want to make money that easily.
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Huzza to both you!! :D
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Thats interesting to know you draw the poses in your comic! Knowing they dont come just from imagination and in real life is interesting XD
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Grats to your future wife and you as well. Some heart warming news today for once.
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I had no idea you were in Canada, let alone Ontario! ( I assume because its in the toronto sun)! That is exciting! I LIVE SO CLOSE TO ZEE CAPTAIN!

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