People or machines?

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Since December 10th, I've got 60 thousand extra views on me profile, but no actual jump in comments or favs.
Leave a boop if you're alive and if you found me recently via some means other than DA.

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Been following you since 2013 at least? <3

These websites are nothing but people who just view or hardly do anything. Most are looking to steal art honestly... not sure what to do about anything online when it comes to selling my art or even slightly profiting from my skills anymore.

Good luck to you though, I've always loved your art.

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Have not been on in a long time... but I am back now!
Machines of course, hello fellow robots! And well, people consume digital art like anything else now. Can't expect anyone to stay around forever
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Yes hello I am bot thank. 
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Ive read it recently. Its great.
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I haven't actually read RA in a good while, but super love your art, hence me following here.
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Okay, I'll admit it.
I found your work because even as long-time part of the anthro community, having met a lot of interesting people there - both interesting and interesting - and some who wear both their hearts and other more intimate things on their sleeves, I was still stunned to see somebody showing what appeared to be fox boobs in the avatar.
Really, that is what it looks like.
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I am watching you since years and always loved your art. You were among the first artist I've watched here when I joined this site.
Wasn't much active here during the last years but was here now and then to silently see how my favorite artists are doing.
Now that I am properly back on here there will be favs and comments in the future :aww:
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machine, dude ! :p
I will readily admit I am prone to lurking your profile/art without leaving comments or adding faves. Been a supporter for years! :) Just throwing this out here though, if we had listened to Sarah Connor in '91, there would be no bot problem. Heckin darn you skynet!!
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People on machines
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I'm around, just not that active, that's all
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Hey, i've been watching you since i first created this account, i friend highly recommended your artwork to be used as inspiration
I've been following you maybe 6 months

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I've been following you for years, I just never know what to say. ^^;
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Been here a while, 2 or 3 years, but I've pretty much stopped using DA, I check it maybe 2-3 times a year now.
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is alive, but found you a very long time ago. I am not new.
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I still follow you for your epic manips and RomAc  ofc, need there be more reason? Also I think half of it may be bots as you suspect...
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bleep bloop.

i really like your art, and i always support your EPIC ROM.AC comics, but alas, i only fave+i dont have much free time for detailed reviews as i used to...
i will always support your art tho, alexius, so stay cool!
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If I happen to be both, should I say "Florp"?
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