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I seem to be experiencing an absurd amount of errors on DA today.
Not sure if my firefox browser is responsible, but the upload button no longer works and I have to go through stash to submit anything.
Also, "browse popular 8 hours" page is no longer showing things for 8 hours, but instead "popular of all time".

Is there an explanation for this madness?

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i havent experienced this on my firefox, but im usually using chrome for my DA
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I have the same problem submitting stuff through Chrome. I think it's just a DA issue.
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same problems using Chrome.

perhaps Photoshop is worming DA..
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I started having the same issue today and I'm glad I'm not the only one. My only explanation is that someone done goofed.
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I had the issue for the last couple of months no matter which browser I used. Turned out my laptop, for whatever reason, hadn't done 100 Windows updates. Once it did, the issue went away.
I get kicked out just after about 7 minutes of no activity. OK, I always uncheck "stay logged in", but this is way too short!
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i haven't experienced such problems with my firefox yet.
could be something with your device
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Yep, it can happen because of Firefox. I have problems with DA too, so I used Opera/Chrome for some time.
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