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Your pokemon egg has hatched

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....makes me think of someone trying to make a Battleship mod for Starcraft, for some reason. Human ships versus alien ones :P
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Hey man, I know your humor a bit but I am still thinking if this piece could probably be linked to pokémon in some way.... It's just a joke, right? xD Or is it really a bit pokémon? :D
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Man, it's been a few years since I seen your work. Still doing unimaginably gorgeous landscapes I see ;p

I'd love to see video game levels like your worlds some day.
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Only if it's my own game (which we plan to someday make), for RA comic:
have you read it, perchance?
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Aww yissss, game plans. I used to read the comic, but kinda fell out of it.
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Looks very cool
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Doorways to distant worlds beyond the stars by alexiuss
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Amazing!   just full of menace, and foreboding.   I salute you! 
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Heh...   reminds me of the flesh ball from Nausicca, that turns into a Giant Warrior.
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*totally don't think this resembles something from the Call of Cthulhu*
it's really cool, though!
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love the sky *_*
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ooooh this is so pretty!
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All around fantastic!
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Exquisite work! La la la la 
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stoked on the colors..have much more to say about it ...excellent work.
into what?!!?
awesome picture!
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and then it's a togepi

Amazing work, Alexiuss! ;u;
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