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PoseidonsAbyss's avatar
I can see myself in this picture :) so sweet :) 
UnbearableME's avatar
your reward will be a lama :)
kallemi's avatar
why does he have a cut on his chest.
VinnyMartello's avatar
This is beyond words.
DragonNinja14's avatar
Are they ever gonna take the blade out of poor Snippy?
Hour27's avatar
Poor Snippy. :c
liltwinstar's avatar
The Titanic scene is classic!  Laughing my ass off! 
M4IAN's avatar
Rainbows heal all ills! Or is butterflies?
Username-91's avatar
I laugh like crazy on this.
MineArtCraft's avatar
Mariebleu's avatar
I like so much your humor. You are fantastic!
CindysArt's avatar
BakaWarai's avatar
I've read the title as : "You're awkard" XD
ayamehebi666's avatar
hahaha glad to see I'm not the only one to read it that way XD
TruthCol's avatar
Another good one in the series you've recently done.  Tell me, what's the representation of the blade through the chest?
maria-istrate's avatar
You should really read the comic, not only you'll find your answer there :D but it is also a wonderful reading.
You have the link in the image description.
Viky-Brouillard's avatar
amazing work like always :)
J25TheArcKing's avatar
LMAO 'stabbed and looks at Rainbow...'
Whenever I get impaled through the chest, looking at rainbows always  warms me up :3
UnveilingPants's avatar
so awesome, my new desktop background :)
all-win's avatar
this one actually looks like a photo
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