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Thou Shall Not Pass

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The fools have been warned not to trespass across the sacred bridge, but they did not listen.
Human emotion of curiosity drove them onward.
Did they care to read the ancient, metallic tablets of progenitor gods?
Nay, they chose to ignore the arcane warnings and cross the bridge in search of glittering substance to add to their swords. Substance, that was not for ease of use, but for the joy of the mind. It was the same joy and simple human nature, which led to my birth and the downfall of their ancestors.
The bravest of and strongest of men were selected for this mission.
They went across the bridge… knights in shiny, but utterly useless amour.
Some decided not to use their feet, but to make slaves of lower class, 4-legged beasts.
Their motion, sound and heat did trigger a reaction that could not be stopped, once it had begun.
They had no idea that, after all these years, I would come alive once again...

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