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This week I've figured out how to grow apocalyptic cities using 3d mathematics!
Now it takes me less than an hour to make a scene like this instead of an entire day.

To find out how this was made,  SUPPORT ME ON PATREON!

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i saw this on a video and i just couldnt help but ask the source this specific image is exactly what i look for in art not meaning or any of that just if it makes me feel something and this hit that nail on the head i just pictured my protagonist sitting looking alone with a single tear just thinking and it was just like man i consider myself decent to good at drawing but hot damn i just get jealous looking on deviam art in a good way makes me want to get like that some day btw i had to make a deivian art acc to follow u most ppl i like r on pixiv lol

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The city of Lost And deads....
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Now I can't unsee the mathematical precision of the machines generating the backdrop. Doesn't change how delicious and buttery smooth the implementation is, though. 
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Now what are they up to?

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The only gripe?  If they have enemies, they could be hiding in one of those destroyed buildings and snipe them...  assuming guns still exist...
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im a 90s kid. i feel like the scientists of my parent's generation basically told my generation the world was ending and basically saying "this has to happen". so whadda we do now? tell young ppl "this doesn't have to happen?" besides the ones who got big on selling the whole thing in gaming and tv? now my parents are late 60 and 70 ish yr old. so most ppls parents are like 40-50. but when I started hearing news about the apocalypse I was deeply hurt and affected. I used to have this idea like ppl were capable of anything and I went through a long depressive phase before I got over it. I still think we can save the planet with innovative solutions

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That is full-on gorgeous. It's really interesting to think of the emotional state that such a picture evokes that makes it so.
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Fantastic work Persona 4 Kanji Tatsumi Gif Icon 
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... wow. Just wow. Amazing!!
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