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The great deluge

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© 2005 - 2020 alexiuss
The prognostication was coming true, as mad as it may seem.
T’was the beginning of an end,
And the end of all beginnings,
For we were feebleminded to disbelieve in prophecy of the old,
And fell to the corruption and decadence.

A star had suddenly lit up ever brightly and vanished from the sky.
Our instruments had detected a breakup of the 5th celestial body.
A gravitational rift had ruptured the cosmos
and shifted the balance of our own orbit.

Twas a singular manifestation that grew without stopping,
A myriad of decadent, black clouds engulfed the light.
Day turned into night and night turned into day,
As the atmosphere was ripped apart, by the all-mighty tide of the divine.

The rolling, crackling thunder and howling wind
Had shattered the silence,
As the massive supercell storm had begun to sweep the oceans and continents.
Nothing would dare stand in its path.
The onslaught would continue,
And the rains would pour
Until all that we forged,
Would fall into ruin and vanish forever, as if it never were.

Twas said that only the truly righteous would be saved…
And the seraphims themselves would come down
From the heavens, to watch our end…

Collaboration with :iconswaroop:!

Using a great render by :iconswaroop: as base:

It's now a CD cover for the music band Elexorien: [link]
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