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The Sea of Ruin

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The Sea of Ruin is fraught with countless dangers; violent storms and enormous tidal waves, jagged land formations, ferocious aquatic life, and sporadic climate conditions. There are also rumors of a flying “ghost ship” wandering the seas that attacks any vessels daring to venture within a proximity of several hundred yards. This region also has a more powerful gravitational pull, stronger still in certain locations known as gravity wells - which are said to be able to yank aircraft right out of the sky.

The atmosphere is thick and has descended almost to sea level to create a mist impenetrable by even the latest visual surveillance equipment. Zero visibility in addition to the numerous perils, makes travel into the area by air or sea virtually impossible. Satellite radar has provided a rough map of the few land masses in the area, but the formation seems to change regularly, an indication that the plates are unstable as well.

No expedition that has ventured into the Sea of Ruin has ever returned in tact. There have been numerous accounts of explorers risking their lives to map the uncharted territory, and billions of credits have been spent in an attempt to locate profitable resources. The explorers most often never return, and those that do are left unable to communicate what horrors they experienced. An attempt hasn’t been made in well over a century.

Environmental concept art piece "The Calm Region & The Sea of Ruin" painted for "A world divided" graphic novel: [link]
or :iconaworlddivided:

Comissioned by the writer :icongodheval:
Time consumed: two weeks
Software used: Painter 9 and Photoshop CS
Hardware used: Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet
Real size: 10'000 x 4'191 pixels
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