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The Abyss


What be this?
Tis wallpaper from Romantically Apocalyptic webcomic:
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Hey man, this is an awesome piece. Would it be possible to use it as an album cover? If yes under what conditions? Thanks in advance!
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This is amazing. I absolutely love this piece. You nailed the distortion of the abyss' surroundings perfectly, and the guy looks like he wants to step back but can't seem to make himself do so. Just awesome, thank you for making this!
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If we want to buy your work, how much a piece of work is.
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email me at with your budget and usage requirement
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I would like to use this image commercially. How do I get permission?

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email me at with your budget and usage requirement
I used this for my album artwork on soundcloud. I have a link to your page as well as this image's page. Great piece of art.

Link to my song:…
Well done! I'm using this in my blog with a post of the same name "the abyss, loneliness and solitude" with your permission. Of course with a link to your page here. Thank you very much!…

Sincerely, tomas
This is beautiful, Can I use this for a design for my band and give you credit as well? This is absolutely phenomenal! 
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This is amazing! I love how all the colour works with the rest. Me and my band are called Into The Abyss and we saw this and made a shirt design on photoshop that looks lie this . Do we have your permission to use this picture on a shirt design as long as we credit you? We'd love to wear these shirts lol
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I think me and you have some feelings in common !
Abyss ,
great job.
sorry for my wired comment!
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This is pretty damn sweet. I like how you can tell the man is frightened by his stance. It's cool how you warped the buildings to show the suction of the black hole. The color choice brings it all together. Love it!
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All is true ! Brillant depth perspective & blow.
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It really is an awesome piece
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Ooooo, a Black Hole!!!!
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yeahhhhhhhhhhhh greattttttttttt
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I love it, man. Your art is awesome!
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just awesome! it feels like its absorbing everything.... me included lol
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-___- Who divided by zero!?
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