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Solaris Autumn

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I wish that we could meet again,
Amidst the autumns weary end
With sky beneath our feet, forever crying.
And in reflections birds and clouds, flying

Autumn, how long I’ve been without you.

Autumn, ships burn into the sky.
Autumn, take me, ever so high.
Where, worry has gone awry.
Autumn, I ask you why?

Autumn, it is darkness and despair.
Clawing at my soul, ever bare
Autumn, life is too unjust and so unfair,
Autumn, will I ask you, will I dare?

Autumn, we must end this weary, bleak affair.
And longer I know, why I simply care.
Autumn, on my life, I here to you swear,
Autumn you have caught me, unaware.

(The above poem and painting inspired by Russian song "What is autumn" Что Такое Осень by ДДТ, and my travels across Siberia)

Now its a cd cover for the music band Samandriel:
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This is a true masterpiece, and will go down in legend and song.
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Really Beautiful work!
Really awesome ... 
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*Whistles**Claps**And High-fives* Awesome piece of artwork.
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i see something like this in the Blackstar Halo's last album "Illuminated" in the lyrics images
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This intrigues me, but the poem, and then the song and band are both not only foreign to me, but very stunning. This is beautiful art, and beautiful poetry.
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Beautiful image ! Beauty, charmed, sensuality ! Good job ![link]
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that's soo pretty
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oh my gosh. Kay, alexiuss, you are totally like my fave artist! I love the way your pictures are so in depth and futuristic. Plus the webcomic.... :D loads of laughs and stunning artwork. keep up the awesome pictures! btw, what program do you use?
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Aaaaaw, so wunderfull. The Colors, the Water... That all is so pefect. :hooray:
super excelente sci-fi
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Ja ljublju!
This is a splendid drawing giving an unusual atmosphere that looks like to a surrealistic world and vision.
A picture with many details and fantastic colors.
I like the title "Solaris Autumn" because it makes me thinking about the book of S.Lem and especially about the movie of Andreï Tarkovsky, Solaris.
Amazing piece of art!
Greetings from Paris, France.
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:clap: Wonderful... :star: :star: :star: :star: :star: J'adore. :) :love: :heart:
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That is freaking awesome!
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Just masterful! <3
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Absolutely amazing clouds <3
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amazing work!
SkairaKamiNoKaze's avatar
I am now commenting on some of your works, but ... oh my god! they always leave me without words, they are so beautiful!
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Amazing job,sir!!!!!:)
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Everything's amazing!
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This is gorgeous, I love the different shades of blue that are used. And the poem is really good too :)
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