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I once had a dream worth living for,
But now I forgot who I am anymore.

Who am I?
Who are you?
Please tell me that it isn’t true!
Please tell me that there’s still a chance,
Please tell me that there’s another dance…

The sky has fallen they have told me, but them I just did not believe...
The skies alight with fire they had told me, but them I just did not believe.
It’s better to take up positions; it’s better just to run away.
It’s better just to hide in fear, but that I just did not believe.
It’s better to blend in with crowds, so shrapnel cannot penetrate your flesh.
It’s better to descend to shelters, for world is shattering in half.
The sky is falling,
The sky is falling.

And I stood there, looking up...
Originally an environmental concept artwork "Cathedral" for the in-development sci-fi graphic novel Darktown.

Published in France as a book cover for the novel "Bloodtide" by author Melvin Burgess.
Novel review in english: [link]

Time consumed: couple of weeks
Software used: Photoshop CS
Hardware used: Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet
Real size: 7676 x 6662 pixels

Licensed as cd cover for OxidizedFaith band
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