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Romantically Apocalyptic 03

By alexiuss
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Wow, I first found this story on the internet I began reading and I was hooked! The setting is incredibly realistic and it has an amazingly original idea to it, insane survivors in a post-apocolyptic world going on an adventure, not only are the characters original and hilarious but the detail and art style is a feast for the eyes! Put all these together and you get this brilliant story!

While I think sometimes the plot can be difficult to follow it is made up with mysteries involved in the story which you'll be desperate to know the answers to!
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The "Romantically Apocalyptic" series is full of twisted humor. The dark dystopian world somehow feels warmer with these characters in it and I can't wait to see them explore it further. The main character is somehow as lovable as he is maniacal. He is somewhat reminiscent of Cobra Commander from the original G.I. Joe cartoon. I also really enjoy the Nazi inspired character designs. If there wasn't already a genre for surreal post-apocalyptic satire, I think it has just been created.

Alexiuss also manages to breath life into his highly detailed digital art. Hyper realistic digital work can often feel mechanical and lifeless (in my opinion), but here there is a bit of style and the narrative just adds to the enjoyment. I think the series keeps getting better... I hope it continues for a while.
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You gotta love these, not only the artwork has incredible details and great photomanipulation, with a dark apocalyptic theme to it. But the characters are a hoot.

What you gotta love about these characters is even though the world is basically destroyed from utter destruction and there is nothing but rubble and skeletons piled in the streets. They at least find the bright side of things and keep their sanity in order...somewhat.

Plus these "Romantically Apocalyptic" pieces really set something different compare to other pieces. Your looking at beautifully detailed post apocalyptic paintings and yet the humor puts a smile or a good giggle on you at least. Definitely brightens up the day.

I believe in due time this series can become a great hit. All I can say its beautiful and it gave me a good chuckle<img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)" />. Bravo!
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eosia-duskStudent Filmographer
This one is defiantly my favorite page. Snippy is so snarky. XD
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Maddog1996Hobbyist General Artist
They have so many pages, can somebody please explain too me is it real or just a figment of his imagination.
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chlorine-n-caffeineHobbyist Artist
These characters are so fresh compared to the typical "rough-n-weathered survivors" you see in this genre a lot.
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Say "cheese!"
"WHERE?!" lol
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oh the humour... and the depression of the skeletons.... you sure know how to make a great comic, and the graphics are great
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trigun666Hobbyist Traditional Artist
incredibly funny on many levels...:)
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meimei808Hobbyist General Artist
Hehehe. I am enjoying these.
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zicrixHobbyist Digital Artist
Zee Captain tries to use a broken computer. Other guy tries to capture it with broken phone...........XD
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man, you truly ARE genius!
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Win from failure.
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Presona-photoStudent Photographer
HA! dude your humor is reminds me of deadpool so much.
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HuffingtontheOnlyStudent Digital Artist
man, that is hilarity in its finest darker self.
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midnightthefoxHobbyist Writer
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Pilot: Hey my Ipad isn't working can somone get wifi?
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Sombra-Oscura-De-LHobbyist General Artist
jajajajajajajajaja XD me mato lo ultimo
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hetaliallover101Hobbyist Writer
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jezza01Student General Artist
awesome colouring might I add =)
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harvestmoonanimaStudent General Artist
what the thats funny they think it works lol
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KittyKynHobbyist General Artist
This one is my favorite!!!!OMygodiloveit!!!
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zmoteStudent General Artist
this one is so epic, I crack myself everytime I read this one. Lol.
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