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RA Book 1

Hi guys! Thank you for your patience and awesome support of the project! I wouldn't have done it without you all!
After much struggle with print shops, RA limited edition comic is finally available for shipping!
It's 100 pages, color, book bound, soft matte cover with glossy interiors.



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is that strum from advance wars invading the pokemon world now XD ??....
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Can i found this book in france?
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it's available in bookstores
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I like your theme. I have been trying to incorporate a "post event" story line in some of my drawings. I feel the need to use it as a teaching tool as well as fun stuff. Who knows these days!??
TheCannibalAutopsy's avatar
Something about this reminds me of Gone With the Blastwave
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Oh my, this look absolutely hilarious.
The heart on the cup, and that remake of the Titanic scene. :lolly:
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Oh my, my, my... I wish I could... :((
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I love at the Titanic Scene. I might take a look at it soon when I can
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i wonder if i can get it at barnes and nobles?
Sir, I shall be grabbing these both on my payday. :D
They look F*****G Amazing. :)
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AWESOME!I want to buy it but I'm in Hong Kong. :|
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oh my chemical romance. looks funny
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I wants one... *looks causally at her savings*
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THIS IS AWESOME. i wish i had money.
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wooooow! i'd love to have it! unfotunately i don't have a card... :I
another thing: it's worth 60 dollars, rigth?
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yet another thing: was it released in any other country?
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So, I was wondering, does your graphic novel have a story-arch? or is it more like a bunch of mini-comics about your characters? Oh and where are your books available buy?
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And as far as I know you can only buy them online.
animatedastronaut's avatar
No, there isn't really that much of a plot to it, but there are quick little story arcs...oh it's so hard to explain haha
Child-of-God's avatar
Well, it appeared that there could be a story arch, because there are character relationships and a theme, but ya. okay, thanks.
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