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Angry goggle eyebrows!  >u<
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Zee Captain: "MISTER SNIPPY! You are looking unecessarily malnourished! I command you to eat many delicious hamburgers from the diner down the street!"

Snippy: "That place is buried under some giant mutant worm's corpse and it's highly radioactive, you idiot! Also, I think I'm dead..."
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;_; course i have to be in canada 
WanderingWere's avatar
Is he wearing the body of a skeleton costume?
LOL at Sniper's rant
Veloxirunner's avatar
Is the text also in the book? Like, the logs? Or only graphic parts? :3
UneUne's avatar
YOUR AWESOME Have a g'day :3
Gupyzer0's avatar
i would actually like those, looking forward to it. Money where are you !
chuckylover911's avatar
I'm saving my money up to buy this and the first book! I've already raised 40$! I'll be buying this soon!
Kirito777's avatar
Wow. Just awesome.
orionastro's avatar
Oh dear gods I want it so bad...
BlueTaffy's avatar
*titters* want. want so bad. waaaaant
JimmyBlaze's avatar
what if you don't want it signed or limited edition?

Great stuff.
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I remember it all now! I saw you selling this stuff at MCM, and I really wanted it but didn't have any cash left. Sooooo good... I was the guy in the sweetie belle t-shirt with pipsqueak,btw
ElohiAdanvdo's avatar
Now I know what you use for references.

Why dress up dolls when you can use skeletons? They make for better tea parties, too. :3
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over six hundred people raped the fav button.arr~
YikYik's avatar
OOOoooOOOoooOOOoooOOOh! WANT!!! :la: :crying: :icongimmekissplz:
miss-butler's avatar
Fave button raped Captain.
Wynterhawke07's avatar
Aww, poor Snippy. Quit yer angsting and get to work, soldier!
Slow-Jo's avatar
got it at Calgary Expo... so beautiful.....
TheGhost2's avatar
I'm REALLLLLY tempted to get these books. But alas, my wallet is empty.
Geli-K's avatar
Can't wait for the unlimited edition!

How's the show coming along?
alexiuss's avatar
Unlimited edition coming in about 5 months
studio's on hold due to conventions,
Gonna start filming again in January.
Geli-K's avatar
Excellent! I'd love to be one of the script writers, if it's possible. :D
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