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Published: February 10, 2011
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Why do you persist?
Why do you not bow down before our divine authority?
What reason is there for you to exist, now that the void you filled in your planet’s ecosystem is no longer there?
Why didst thou come up here, to the surface?
To witness the glory of thy ancient past?
To walk among the monuments of your extinct culture, forged to praise your long dead gods?

Tell me thy purpose here!

Show me where the other poor souls are hiding.
Only I and I alone can free them from their wretched existence.

What do you expect to do?
Kill me? Shut me down?
You cannot destroy one who isn’t born of the feeble flesh.

Why do you defy us, when there is no hope, no salvation for you?
You are in hell, my dear,
And only I can grant thee freedom.

Model :iconmeeshkamodel:

Email svitart@gmail.com for commission inquiries.
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Comments (171)
EarthlingfromZar-One's avatar
EarthlingfromZar-One|Student General Artist
Shakespeare in the park? Nay, Shakespeare on MARS be more like it!
Is this part of a series or just for funsies?
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citybuilder's avatar
lonatic nice
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Mattstark00's avatar
It took me 2 years to find this pic here, I had it in a folder on my pc and finally I can see it again in better resolution :D you're a great artist man
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Muggle-Angel's avatar
Is it jut me, or does the character on the right remind anyone else of Leeloo from "The Fifth Element"!?!
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xSandra97's avatar
you sir, are fantastic
Reply  ·  
kmathel94's avatar
Oooooo he seems very villiany!!!(eyes change color, and I crack open a toothy grin)
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MortalSphere's avatar
MortalSphere|Hobbyist General Artist
I like the male character. What other stuff to you have with him in it?
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mats2650's avatar
I like the stronger color in this version of the picture. how did you enhance them? It makes the world look more alien.
I must say that i like the "old" girl better, no doubt that this red head is good looking but she seems out of setting compared to the old one. Had to dig through my old fav's on Elfwood to find the other version.
either way i love this picture, the text makes it perfect and the mood is awesome.
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Hadriel45's avatar
very nice! I love it!
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ForeverEndsNever's avatar
This gave me chills, the art and words you use to add voice to the image. The confidence in the male character; the speaker has, and the poise of the female; unflinching and angry, ready to strike if she has to. It definitely portraits life and death and the fate of a race. Beautiful.
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Ghostofastallion's avatar
its fifth element woman :3 or looks like an awesome version of her kinda.
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hafoot's avatar
Holy crap this is awesome :+fav:
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bobell's avatar
my my, the male is amazing...the woman is beautiful but she could stand to look a little more defiant...maybe a slight movement of her brow is all that would take..and i dont know why but her foot looks unbelievable to me for some reason : P
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InsomniAssassin's avatar
the piece alone is bananas but the robot's monologue adds a while new dimension to a already deep work. Can't give you enough props on this.
p.s. the bullet holes in the seat next to the woman is a really cool touch.
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Sgt-Sahara's avatar
Sgt-Sahara|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, amazing!
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Serand's avatar
Another awesome work =D
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ridla86's avatar
ridla86|Professional General Artist
I know you like criticism but all I can say is WOW and the story is outstanding.
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Frozx398's avatar
Frozx398|Student Traditional Artist
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mackofspades's avatar
mackofspades|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I love the shading you did on this! Her hand looks real.
I also like the colors in the cyborg, he does indeed look very sinister! Great job.
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ayuICHI's avatar
ayuICHI|Hobbyist General Artist
Amazing and badass.
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Wittybutwise's avatar
To become this good, is my goal in life.
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PsychicDriving's avatar
I love the male character, can we see more of him please? :D
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Fels-in-der-Brandung's avatar
This looks quite familiar ^^
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anonymous's avatar
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