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Unseen, between the thunder and lightning, the praetorian materializes in the human world amidst a thunderstorm.

Creation time: months
Software: Photoshop CS
Real size: 6'000x15'000 pixels or 21 x 50 inches poster.
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Everything you create is awe-inspiring
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This is freaking epic. I hope that I can paint like this one day e_e 
Xsyl's avatar
Dishonored. <3
angryfacing's avatar
Very, very awesome. I love it. :D
A-D-I-L's avatar
on of th most amazing thinks i ever seen the process too
kirmizidon's avatar
This is the most awesome painting. I've ever seen. Actually. This might be better than without car and solider. And the view might be more far than this view. and this guy can be placed in a natural landscape. But really loved it. Its an awesome painting. Really. Good Work. And I am new in this things. But so interested in this painting things too. :D I readed your tutorial. Actually I didnt understand Any thing :D But I am triying to paint something when im bored. But i can't :D
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Great details, but this would look a lot better is you used more than just two colours.
I disagree, more colours would just take away from the theme of this piece.
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I shit you not, when I see art like this, I CRY.
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soo... epic... *death*
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"Through the chaos and destruction, beauty shined through and showed me the light."
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I'm In Love With Your Art ^^
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Another amazing piece
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the perspective is just awesome. start from the bottom and scroll up, and it seems s though you were looking up
Lunore's avatar
I really love the texture and colors *_*
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your artwork is wonderful :D I'm jealous of your abilities! This piece is just MAGNIFICENT!
the-true-meK's avatar
I just love the colours and the many, many details! :iconlawooplz:
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It's like... those crazy imax movies where you're sitting inside a dome watching a film projected on all sides. Makes me a bit sick to my stomach, but I can't help ooooh-ing and aaaah-ing. I think this exagerated perspective really works for your image - it emphasizes the unreality of the scene.
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i am so speechless o_o
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