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On time

:iconzeecaptainplz: :iconsaysplz: PUBLIC TRANSIT WILL ALWAYS BE ON TIME NOW!

Read RA comic from the beginning at:
Fun RA HD background uploaded per fan request.
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Hello good day your works are amazing and
I hope that I can be good too by the way can I use this as a reference?
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Wow very nice pic
and... jet engine subway?!
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Choo-choo muthafuckas!
Dude, your stuff is legendary! Ive already made a mental list of prints That i want to put on my walls... Ifall youd put this and The Yellow Brick Road ön prints, id buy them as soon as I got moniezzzzz...

Keep delivering awesome stuff!
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Is this your own idea? Just because I have seen it somewhere...
Scattergunsniper's avatar
well now that you got it moving how do ya stop it
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The guard rails say "ITALY" right beneath the third car :D
It actually says "vitaly", but it's cut off...
Niki-Tiki-Tavi's avatar
Да-да-да-да-да-да-да-да-да-да!!! Я нашел её! Теперь могу поставить на обою *безумно счастлив* XD
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and where is spiderman now???
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I approve of this picture... :|
Oh my god! So good!
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=O you are? Omg! Thats amazing! The comic is hilarious and amazingly well done! Increadible work with it! I R Impressed lol. Hahaha but yeah i love ze captain and its hilarious XD
RolueVasReisa's avatar
Did you draw this? Because i remember seeing this in Romantically Apoloclyptic but if you did draw this then thats increadible and amazing work!
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I'm the creator of Romantically Apocalyptic.
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HUZZAH! No more being late for work!
I just found RA today through Reddit. Your work is absolutely amazing!!
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that comic is awesome! ^^
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Ze Captain in a hurry? Running away from runaway Cancer? Looking to kill runaway Cancer? Funny all the same.
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Dude, your stuff just keeps getting better and better.

Awesome work.
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