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Night and Day

How different do things appear during the night versus the day?

canon digital rebel shots
Toronto Old city Hall location

more of Toronto night city shots can be found at:
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V-o-L-T-a-i-C's avatar
AHH I've been there! I'm just a subway ride away from there! <3 GREAT pictures! =D
Yume-Megami's avatar
The day can be fun, but a bit too formal. Night has the sexy jazz appeal.
ChazityJr's avatar
wow i love tis! really cool .. :D
WkedAthena's avatar
Dynamic shot my friend. You really captured some of the beauty of Toronto. Gorgeous picture. :love:
luxlucist's avatar
cool. but what a waist of electricity. seriously, does a building need a halo?
The-Sax's avatar
Mmm very cool
Runafea's avatar
I thought that Canada is all about Niagara Falls... =) I should tell it to my aunt...
hugosilva's avatar
damn,what a beautifull city,wish i live in a place like that,i like the shots,theyre very cool and well taken
alexiuss's avatar
and tasty?

Laura-AH's avatar
Wonderful example of how environments appear to change with different levels of light.
dlusion's avatar
Nice Toronto captures, long exposures are nice too :)
SomeInspiringTitle's avatar
Nicely done, the exact same shot at different times of day would have been nicer, but this is ok.
Gourmandhast's avatar
wow breath taking photography
sistaink's avatar
Hi, good stuff Alexiuss. I like how its come together :-)
Vector712's avatar
I am originally from the GTA and also use a Rebel XT hehehe... I really like how you decided to put them side by said. The long exposure effects are also very neat.

If you don't mind I guess I have a suggestion. I know you probably didn't leave your camera on it's tripod without moving it for a few hours... but I think you picture would benefit if you had tilted and cropped both day and night pictures to look more alike. They both seem pretty slanted.
alexiuss's avatar
aye, but I was rather lazy to do that. hahaha
Vector712's avatar
Sounds like a reasonable excuse to me!
DJ-Eclipse's avatar
That's a beautiful piece of work.
MonaLisaSmile1's avatar
I love the night one the most...but they're both very interesting pieces...
blueluna's avatar
haha nice portray of TO, wonderfully done! =D
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