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August 25, 2008
Modern Magic by =alexiuss is hypnotizing details and the wonderful lush green used in this piece. It's like a little piece of heaven in such a polluted city, that no one would think existed.
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Modern Magic

New Yorker magazine cover idea
Sort of a big-polluted city versus cottage living.


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EsebeiDoran's avatar
Awe, that's sooo cool. It's like from the movie Up :D :iconblushplz:
OvergrowthPictures's avatar
Bought this print at comic-con!
mdragonheartlove's avatar
Some places already began doing such projects :) i wish there will be more in the future.I love the eerie feeling of this and how it is quite asphyxiating all around it.
Niki-Tiki-Tavi's avatar
Среди тысяч гор, на вершине одной из них, жил волшебник.
Он повелевал ветрами, гоняя облака, говорил со птицами, слушая вести далеких стран.
Но одного он не мог сделать - чтобы облака благоухали и были чисты.
Но из покон веков звали его Мерлин Дуболомный.

\\Among the thousands of mountains, on top of one of them, lived a magician.
He commanded the winds, driving clouds, talking to the birds, listening to the conduct of distant countries.
But one thing he could not do - the clouds fragrance and were clean.
But for centuries called him Merlin Krushmor.
Art-Kombinat's avatar
... you have been featured here in my journal [link] hope that`s OK ...
Loynissord's avatar
I like it, beautiful job.
UnderTheGrey's avatar
i saw this picture on my friends note book O.o i always wondered who drew it. i really like it :'(
WhenPigsFry's avatar
Wonderful concept and great execution with the vibrant colors on a dreary cityscape.
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RagamuffinRose's avatar
Wonderful! But there's no way I'd weed that garden... :fear:
aenimafist's avatar
Damn. Very perplexing.
punkinfloraldress's avatar
WOW! You're soooo amazing! I can't find words!
sk3tchyPanda's avatar
OH MAH GOD!!!!! I saw that "NEW YORKER" sign TODAY!
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kunstfieber's avatar
Reminds me a bit of Eric Drooker. :D
Scarlet-Circle's avatar
This picture reminds me of Ray Bradbury's short story "There Will Come Soft Rains". I'm not exactly sure why.
Juffs's avatar
Ello, does this come in a white mug?
neubenutz's avatar
whoaa... wow. :judge:
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OcularFracture's avatar
Okay, now that I've found the actual artist, instead of some loser uploading stolen art to their page, I would like to say that I am very moved by this picture. The very concept is startling and impressive... The fabulous art is just a tremendous bonus.
It took awhile to find you... I had to Tineye the picture, but it was worth it. I'm so glad this picture got a daily deviation, because it totally deserves it.
And for your own peace of mind, here is the person who stole your art: [link]
I hope they get taken down.
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