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Websites by the name: and
owned by Craig Pravada and Chad Love Lieberman
took paintings from hundreds of deviantartists and put them up for sale illegally for THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.
You can see more evidence of such here:

Both of the websites are now shut down for infringements and their owner is on the run from the law for numerous copyright violations and massive amount of scams.
I'm keeping this deviation here to make sure that their names are permanently imprinted on the internet as plagiarizers and scammers.
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Such tomfoolery, I am glad those companies are banned
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Then remember next time to protect your work so that nobody steals it!
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people who stole your work NEED TO GET JAILED FOR LIFE!!!!!!
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so any news what happened with this?
...Running a WhoIs search on the domain shows some level of association with Evol Records...…
Is he stealing and reselling people's music too?...…
This guy is the lowest of the low!!
Chad Love Lieberman is now currently masquerading as an Art Therapist, flooding the internet with phony press releases, which most likely also contain plagiarized content. These press releases link to sites that are cloned versions of actual Art Therapy websites, like the Art Therapy Outreach Center is being cloned at, and the London Art Therapy Centre is being cloned at Hopefully his resurgence in the internet will help him be tracked down and prosecuted for the crimes he has committed.
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I'm glad you took action and deliver justice.
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"Even though I've been known to be an eccentric assh*le, I'm a humble artist."

Never before have I seen the absolute truth and the absolute fib blended so beautifully in one quote.
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I just happened upon this thread from looking way back in my history (350 weeks ago lol) and I noticed that this website is back up, still by the same person, but now they're an art therapist. I wonder how much copyright violations/art theft helped to pay for that education if it's even true?
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Wow thats so unfair isnt even copyrighted there like up ^ by ur thing?
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Anything an artist creates automatically has a sort of copyright to it. 
Music works a little differently, and needs copyright based on the rhythm and such, and can only last for 10 years.
Anyone may USE a piece of art freely for self-study, but they may not take a piece of art, copy it/ redistribute it and say it's "Theirs"
They may Modify it, and (this is where it get's a little dicey) if they modify it enough, it can be arguably considered "their own work" as an Appropriation. However, that modification MUST be completely distinct, and usually involves crossing mediums/changing the subject, etc etc. This is how Parodies work and how "dada" art works or what was know as "Pop-art" (Think of the  Warhol Cans) 
the problem that an artist always runs into is that people like to steal things
and claim it as their own, 
Unlike other professions, artist's and Musician's work are purely cultural based, and cultural based things are taught to be "Public domain," although the artifacts of the domain still have an author, and that authors work MUST be credited.
THExWHITExFANGx's avatar
oh so basiclly my original art work (like baby latias) is copyrighted?
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Liatias is a character of Pokemon, but that work is a study piece, right? 
And it's non Commercial, So it's ok
You aren't making money off it, and you are not trying to claim it as your own, it's a fan work 
Fan work = Ok
Non-Commerical = Ok 
you're ok
THExWHITExFANGx's avatar
oh i see so my character siting on a aplm tree is copyrighted?
cause its my own i mad it!
Daroga1's avatar
but it's not protected under Creative Commons.
Nonsolum's avatar
Huge search about that !
Hope some will give them a chalk to improve their art counting days on walls in jail...being paid by some asshole infringements.
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Hasn't the same thing happened on instagram?
TransFormersf4n's avatar
What happened to them? Are they arrested now or fined?
raichuleaf64's avatar
Being terrorized by everyone who looked at this.
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I should be worried, but if you see my art right now, you can tell right away that its not majestic material ._.
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...this is why you should put a big ass signature in the smack middle of your art.

make it rainbow.

and super hard to remove.
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Oh, I hope he gets "famous" too -_-
TransFormersf4n's avatar
You mean "infamous"?
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