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Judgement Day



I wish that you could understand
Colliding thoughts inside my head
I wish that you could comprehend
How much you mean to me.

But you don't see,
But you don't hear,
And you are nowhere, nowhere near.

I cast the thread,
I steal a glance,
But there is no fate in this chance.

We aren't free,
It's not to be.
The wind is howling in a trance.

In dance of shadows in the light.
You are the day,
I am the night.

I am not free,
It's not to be,
And all of hell comes up to me.

Time comes, they say.
You're one of us.
You've missed the tread, you've lost your chance.
model: :iconnahlah:
All the resources, textures, stock and brushes are mine- shot in the studio, in Toronto and in Nova Scotia.

Creation time: one week
Software: Photoshop CS 4
Hardware:Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet, Canon 5d Mark II
Real size: 11'000 x 7'000 pixels


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she looks like a terminator queen