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Inherited Hell 'actual CD'

Actual cover with letters from:
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how did u make it??
its awesome
I wish i could buy this print.
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Very good man. I'm gonna look in to this band to see what they sound like.
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cool ^^
but is Stonecast your band?

just wondering... ^^
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no- I don't have my own band, this is a commission!
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well, still its awesome XD
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Wow...I'm speechless.
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dude, i would buy this CD just for the cover if i had money to spend
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Awesome. =] If I were to make a CD you would be my first pick for creating the cover. ^^
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totally awesome!! This must have taken you forever, but I'm awestruck at all the details. Great composition!
the music's great too!!
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Amazing, I would kill to be able to paint like that
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Lord-of-Lost-Souls's avatar
...wicked awesome x 1000...
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wow man!!
a very good work
but the band suck, i must say it
im musician, sorry

good luck
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Nice. Really intense.
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Very original idea to make wings out of building scraps (for lack of a better explination).
Geno-Bahamut's avatar
That is so wicked, lol. Kind of resembles a Technocrat whoes sided with the Nephandi. If you know the Mage roleplay, you'll know what I mean. ;P
TwilightAlchemistX16's avatar
*eyegasm from detail* OAO
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Is your signature on the actual CD cover too?
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