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....Detail shot from yet another massive painting that I've been working on for the past 2 months...
It was going to be 2 meters in size, but my processor overloaded from trying to process a 35'000 pixel file with 50 layers.

Photoshop CS4
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I think you did just fine with the resolution you have for it now.

She reminds me of a pretty white swan in a forest that will kill you.

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You are in my all time favorite arists EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I went through your gallery and...
I saw many destructive visions, but I truly like them, I really do...
perhaps this picture is the only one presenting something peaceful here,
a moment of respite from all the chaos
your works are great, hope to see more of them!
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So beautiful! I feel like I can get into this picture and explore!
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I feel like an unwanted intruder just looking.
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This is beautiful !!
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Great work, this is awesome :-)
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Do you have a link for the full piece?
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amazig work. It'''s sooooooooooooooooo... soooo AWESOME!
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Thanks! It looks great! :D
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I like it much.
What a beautiful image. I love the way her white clothes and hair juxtapose the colourful background. The coral looks stunning, really surealist. You just keep on impressing Alexiuss and I'll keep faving^^

Love your work as an artist, one of the top in da
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WTH. how'd you do this~
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btw, in case you read this, what processor do you have?
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