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Fragile Serenity

A massive traditional painting, made up of four wooden panels- each 5’ by 5 feet, making it 5x20 feet in size.
(1.5 by 6 meters)

This work was done with a mix of: acrylic paint, charcoal, marker, and chalk.

This piece was completed in 3 months with the help of my apprentice Milena C.

Top photograph: the entire painting
Bottom photo: showing the actual size of one panel with me in the front of it, to show actual size.
The bottom photo is more yellow because I was screwing around with lighting on set and photoshop adjustments afterwards.

Oh, and if you are or have been to Toronto- you can recognize some of its architecture in the top left panel.

Closeup of all the panels:

This project is a recollection of civilization’s greatness and its plausible downfall due to the pitfall of the double edged sword theorem that is technology.

On one side we created great cities, raised skyscrapers to the heavens, chased away the darkness of the night with electricity and have lengthened, greatly simplified and improved human life, curing countless deceases, saving lives, exploring the micro and the macro, reaching beyond borders of our planet and into space.

And on another side- we have the atomic power of war to flatten the landscape into an infertile desert, as shown practically in the Chernobyl incident; we have numerously blackened the ocean with oil spills, scorched the earth in wars, raised the global temperature, clogged the sky with poisonous air pollutants, and over-populated our species to the point where many thousands starve everyday lacking food and shelter.

Painting #2:
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Is it shallow of me to be just as interested in who this lovely man is that you got to pose for you (or possibly drew in >_>) as the picture itself? Because I am...