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Feral Nova

By alexiuss
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Ive have as so many others seen this amazing peice on the web and finally tracked it down to you. My biggest thanks to you for creating this wonderful piece of art for humanity to look at. You are awesome! Hats off people!
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This is just incredible. I found this picture on a wallpaper app a few months ago, and I've finally tracked down
the source of this epicness. For the past few years, an entire fantasy world has been slowly forming inside my
head and when I found this, it inspired me to start writing about my world. I hope that you don't mind, but
I even created a character and setting in my book entirely based on what I saw in the picture.

~Thanks for the inspiration kick-start!
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Awesome! Please make a 1920x1080 Version of it!
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Oh, wow. I love the touch of glow that cuts through the bleak blues and grays.
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You are so talented really love your work
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Blazingly hot.

nuff said.
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To this day I still love this soooo much <3. If I had the money, I would so get the print DX.
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i'm in a fuckin' love with your art.
dude, you're a genius.
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This one goes on the wall, as soon as me and Amex get squared.
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this is extremely beautiful. great colors. trippy looking, almost like when you have a tv channel not coming in and you just get those funky greens, blues, and oranges
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craftsmanship! ))) this grass under the hands and rays )) dream-style ))

but what does mean "Nova" in the originin word ? ))
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Increible!! De lo mejor que he visto. Good Job!
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damn! a lot of people copy your works! it's annoying and some people also sell them :facepalm:
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Great design! Good job! :D
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oh my god, i saw this on [link] first, i fell in love and looked everywhere to find you and this.

finally im here. thank god!
Thank you for making this! I will stare on this for days now !
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Beautiful! :aww:
Great piece! :squee:
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nice!!!!!! art!!!!
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great job, love the colors.
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