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End of the world


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It's beautiful~

Dude I've written my next book, it's titled The Shadowverse: Vengeance (sequel to The Shadowverse), and this picture fits the main villain, Solis, perfectly. Basically The Shadowforce, the main heroes, destroyed the centuries-old galactic empire he created in the previous book, and took away his master and the leader of that empire, Titan. So upon being now marooned on Earth, he uses all these gadgets and weapons from across the universe and kills anyone in his way as he finds materials to put together a world-killing device. And he nukes a few cities along the way in his vengeance. You captured his look and the scene beautifully.

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That book sounds AWESOME! I'd love to read it sometime, (both of them really) do you have a link to where I could read it?

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Legendary and splendit
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This is certainly a fine depiction of the apocalypse if I ever saw such a thing in person!

Although the two mushroom clouds on the left look like giant eye monsters who are Ancient Gods that are shooting fire beams into the city (Although that's I only how I see it)!

Either way! There will barley be anything of that land once the destruction is over and done with (To bad the Guy with the red cloak doesn't enough time to get out of there)!

Anyway! A fine job on the painting good sir! I do hope you have a wonderful week and God bless you!
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An absolutely haunting yet beautiful image. Amazing work.
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Guy looks pretty okay with the whole thing
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you ever heard nukes don't exist 
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Enjoy the view. :D Nice work!
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absolutely mindblowing.
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Looks like Luke Skywalker from Star Wars' The Last Jedi.
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Love the work on this landscape of destruction. This looks like the Los Angeles California landscape the way I can remember it, And now looking at what may be a future shock of things to come for our future in California. This is sad looking and scary but holds the beauty of some truth of what can be maybe truth behind the fire and fury death at its best. I hope with some changes around the world this will never happen any place on earth. we will see we will see.
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this is so beautiful its destruction but beautiful destruction
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Disturbing.... But I like it.
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This is so sad, but it's drawn so beautifully. I hope this never happens where I live...Haha...Ha ha...Ha...Please help.
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The art is beautiful
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Cant wait for Metro Exodus
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maybe this is were i will find peace again 
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This is so fucking amazing. Nice work!
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So Beautiful!:) (Smile) 
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forgot mediaJawdrop 
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