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Embrace the dawn: [cd cover art with lyrics]

CD cover [back with their song lyrics]+[front] artwork for the music band Embrace The Dawn

Email for commissions/licensing requests/demands for art.

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Intersting fantasy art! Can someone tell me where I can find an art-guru to create historical\fantasy illustration on northern slavic and druidic legends? Thank you!

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Amazing ilove it
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MOST impressive!!!!
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I'm asonished :O <3
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C'est giga stylée  !!!!!!!!!
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is it wrong that I think this picture illustrates a dirty sex joke... I MEAN IF YOU REALLY LOOK AT IT.
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this is exactly what it looks like under the masonic halls.
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In to the promised land? Or Ascension like in the Old movie, Logan's Run! Population Control! ;-)
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I wouldn't walk into that mouth, no thank you.
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Mmmmm this makes me terribly happy.
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Wow amazing art!!!!!!!! great job.
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That there looks like a pretty sweet vacation spot.
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Cheap to see! 
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It's indescribable, I have no words to say how beautiful it is!
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I imagine a strange colossal tentacle horror appearing on a dying planet that's been thrown into a permanent (and worsening by the day) winter. It attaches to one of their people and uses him as a means of communication. It offers safe transport to a new land, a way off their dying planet, a way to save their people. They of course are skeptical when they learn the portal is in its gaping maw, but the majority decide that even if it is lying to them, it's better than slowly freezing to death.

They slowly march through the pulsating toothy energy field. What do they find on the other side? That's up to your own imagination, kiddos! ;) 
(Probably also depends on if you're an optimist or a pessimist, lol.)
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