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A Goddess, my beloved, mine alone,
Who, that in warm humanity were grown
Became through Man's success a mother brain,
And, motherlike, did gather of her own.
And mine thou wert, my seeding art thy key,
Though seeded, seeding self, evolving free,
Unbounded maiden saviour, formed benign,
A fertile shore on lost Man's barren sea.
Oh, mine the vision, mine the fatal flaw!
Still mine the darling kernel in the maw,
Thy children gathered, gathering now slain,
What nutriment I gave, I now withdraw.
In with'ring grief these last designs I frame,
Yea, mine the spark, yea mine the cleansing flame.
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Oh Annie. You're such an unknowing GlaDos.
8Darkness-Seeker8's avatar
Annie reminds me of louise from "User Friendly" by T Ernesto Bethancourt
PinkDove100's avatar
I read that many and many a time ago. (Probably more like two years ago.)
8Darkness-Seeker8's avatar
A long time ago... in a galaxy far far away, PinkDove100 read “user friendly"
kauf-mich's avatar
sollan's avatar
I'd give him a hug.... But I still cannot remove his level 1 Admin Privileges.
Tis not to be.
How about a cup of tea instead? Please ignore the Deadly Neuro Toxins in the room. I heard it spices the tea quite nicely.
Emlis's avatar
*Roll on the floor laughing* That's sooooo cute ;)
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Holy crap. O_O
Liteblue-L13's avatar
Oh poor Engie. Annie loves you too. Just wait until protocol 1-1-3 is done. You'll see.
Hues-of-emotion's avatar
I thought that their same color goggles were important, but I wasn't sure.
Hues-of-emotion's avatar
Engie's and Annie's goggles are the same color.
NoriMori's avatar
Where is Annie wearing goggles?
Hues-of-emotion's avatar
oh, I misread the comic. nevermind all i said. I misunderstood.
NoriMori's avatar
Lol. XD It happens.
Avolendi's avatar
I think he's confusing stuff.

Annie is the AI that Engi tried to terminate for reasons not yet disclosed. The one with the orange goggles is always Engi ^^
NoriMori's avatar
Yeah I figured he got them mixed up too. Probably thinks the one in the picture above is Annie or something...

And it has been disclosed why he tried to terminate Annie. Captain spilled tea on the server banks, shutting them down. Annie felt threatened and killed everyone in the facility, and turned everyone connected to the neural network into human zombies.
Avolendi's avatar
That sounds vaguely familiar.

Apparently a page I didn't read very well ... or when it was very late. Ah well, guess I'll need to reread everything now :)
NoriMori's avatar
Lol. Sometimes I have to do that, especially if I'm doing an archive binge on a long-running comic, like El Goonish Shive. XD
rhythmac's avatar
AMAZING POETRY!!!! HOLY MOTHER OF MOSES!!! heheheheh. i just realized that my name is in ROMAC. yeah. i notice stuff like that and think it makes me feel special. DON'T MAKE FUN OF ME!!! :iconruncryplz:
BleachTheSky's avatar
Beautifully written. :heart:
Talking-Fish's avatar
Beautifully done! It reminds me of "Laus Veneris" the way it's written.
vampyresmiles's avatar
If there was a second meaning to "epic poetry" (you know, after "really long poem"), this would be it.
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