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Deliverance of amity

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In a world that’s black and white
In the war of day and night
Between shadows and the light
This my plea, I thus incite

In the darkness, lost in fright
Weary of eternal plight
Sing a solemn lullaby,
Of the days that have gone by.

Lost forever in the flight
From the suffering and blight
Lacking will to live and sight
Them to strike I thus invite,

Only love from days of old,
Can stop the darkness from taking hold
But my heart has grown cold,
To decay, my body sold.

Who can offer me salvation,
In a world of aberration?
Drive away the isolation,
Give my soul navigation?

Who can offer love and light,
In encroachment of the night?
In the coming of the storm,
Who can chase away the swarm?

From our death to our birth
War of Angels and Demons on earth
For whatever our souls are worth
Whose side will you take and which berth?
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