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Delicious doomsday

To answer zee question:
How does :iconzeecaptainplz: drink?
-With a straw!

Read RA webcomic from the beginning at:
Enjoy RA everywhere and get zee book:
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Deine blauen Augen . . . ..
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Ahh... an emergency induction port!!!
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Is there somewhere I can get that mug?
Tigerfang-NL's avatar…
That's where you can "Obtain zee mug" :)
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Haha, thanks. I posted that comment ages ago, and I've found it since then =3
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Oh, right. I see Nov 27, 2011 is some time ago, indeed. I'm sorry! :')
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That's actually the second time this week a really old comment of mine has been answered XD
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Well. That oughta happen! xD
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are you my mummy?
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Are you my mummy?
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This has been featured in my journal.

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I love the hell out of it. If gas masks were socially acceptable on a regular basis, I'd be all over that sexy shit.
You do really great work; keep it up.
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lol sick style ! nice one!!!
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hilarious! great work!!
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Awesomeness! ;)
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Much love for you, Captain! *salute*
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really love him.
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Lol this is awesome!
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