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I feel like going there. That's an awesome skeleton
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Same. I wanna be there too :D
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This is a neat concept, except nothing in hell would hold up the upper jaw like that. You should have painted it collapsed.
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Love that the whale bones are not perfectly smooth, great detail work.
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Oh My goodness, this is amazing!
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A whale? In the future?
This is madness :iconmadnessplz:
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Not to be cheesy, but this is a bit of wondrous beauty in the midst of desolation and insanity.
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Prometheus! (that movie sucked)
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:shocked: Mutated Mammoth!
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its a whale lolz
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Would you believe that, that is actually what a whale skeleton looks like? If I'm not mistaken that would be a baleen whale of some kind, although I'm not sure which or what artistic liberties were taken.
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A whale of a tale eh? (LOL! Forget my lame joke) XD
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Awesome work !!!
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Wonderful work! :clap:
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oh no the mutant whale...
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