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Catatonic Atrocity

CD COVER for the music band Catatonic Atrocity

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Oh how could metal sing,
In catatonic cyclone,
Oh how could the wings ring
In decompression cycle

The silver horses flying,
From Moscow in the rain,
To the New York, undying.

Assured of the game,
I have been caught in lying

And who is left to blame?
The world is in denial
And who's is to proclaim...
The coming of last trial.

And why in my best years,
Knowing the price of dollar
And why did when I could,
I bet on the wrong color

The fields are filled with graves,
The sun won't rise tomorrow
Above the ocean waves....
From Moscow, seized in frost
To the New York in sorrow.

And maybe it is time,
For me to meet my maker
And hug the frozen thyme
The sunrise will not wake er'

Become the blades of grass,
From mountains of Norway
Become the crystal glass
To sands of Georgian Bay

To be one with the rain,
And breath of the leaf's pores
In droplet's heart, last rainbow
The song bird's final chorus

Between the shores of Spain
And the cliffs of Bosphorus
From Moscow's walls arcane
To New York, lost in forests.

Poem inspired by old Russian song
"Как медь умела петь"
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I have recognised original place. It's Moscow, Mira prospekt 120, 122.……
alexiuss's avatar
да, это Москва
nvm i should read this is perfect btw gj
wouldu mind if i used this picture for my album art ? up coming
Aregna's avatar
now you've let me be catatonic..
FreckleLemonade's avatar
the amount of detail you manage to put into your work never ceases to amaze me
RandomFoxFan's avatar
i love how the floor is body's nice part i did not see that at first. :D
Neo282Mw's avatar
hehe there all dead
gamezgc's avatar
greenfeed's avatar
great stuff. respect.
vertebrae242's avatar
A very BIG fave way, way, waaaaaaay up on this.

Well done. Well done indeed.

+FAVED and Downloaded+

000Ryoko000's avatar
WOah!!!! crazy-kins!! i love it!! and the people on the ground are so creepy!! ^_^
Cyric23's avatar
I like the way things twist. Interesting Perspective.
troiscoleurs's avatar
OMG, it looks like the crash of the Polish president's airplane in front of the Palace of Culture in Warsaw.
TeaDarkA's avatar
its.......its so amazing.. that
i dont know what to say....anyway i fave
Mr-Ripley's avatar
Hello, this awesome artwork is featured here > [link] < :pat:
Riisk's avatar
Absolutely amazing.

This deserves daily deviation so badly!!

Amazing detail, those blues are so beautifull too.
Hell of an artist...I loved also your poetry!
ales-kotnik's avatar
PS: do you use "unsharp mask" filter?
ales-kotnik's avatar
I'm watching you for a while now and i must say that you are AMAZING artist.
You ideas are great so as color palete and lighting.

But there is one thing what bothers me on a lot of your deviations and that is number of details (speciali pure white highlights) which look like noise.
Like on other images, it confuse your eyes. You and other artist will probably like the number of details but mostly people will focus on one thing - airplaine.

Anyway.. i inported image in PS (no offense) and reduce noise (strenght:10, details:2).
Result was much, much better for me - it don't kills eyes.
Just try it one time.

Anyway.. that was just my opinion. Don't take it harsh
alexiuss's avatar
send me result in a note, i shall judge
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