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Annually Forgotten

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LouieD0g's avatar
So surreal. Very cool
berlonipepponi's avatar
In a way architecture becomes absolute art,
when decay has rendered it otherwise useless.

It also humbles the beholder
as it makes you feel much younger.

Is it not so?
draboonah's avatar
wow amazing- places like this makes UE so much worth all the trouble!
Dino-emowolf's avatar
this picture. it reminds me so much of the Uncharted me (:
AnastasiyaKosenko's avatar
А где находится это место?
LeaFerrandi's avatar
Hi, why I could'nt post anything on your profile? ._.
LeaFerrandi's avatar
It was to answer to you on your comment on Jeylina's photo (the skull and the rose) : someone put this, it seem that Jeylina's actual name was Jacques Pinchaut.
akilight's avatar
cool! a forgotten world :-D
CrazySparky's avatar
Beautiful! It must be so exiting finding this places ^^
Gobba42's avatar
Where is this lovely place?
Boran-Tatli's avatar
I like the green hue, it really improves the atmosphere of the photograph.
Davidord27027's avatar
this is amazing 
notneb82's avatar
Lots of character here.  Do you know what this building was in its past life?
QBit71's avatar
Ruined Apple Store? :D Pretty cool!
WhatPixelYouOn's avatar
That's really cool!
JonathanSkits's avatar
This reminds me of yemessee
hlwar's avatar
Absolutely magical! I feel like if you sat there for awhile you'd see a unicorn meandering through the woods. It's all about magic 
Maekoxchi's avatar
this looks a lot like a spot in my hometown :0 where is this taken????
IRideAMagicalLadle's avatar
Yup. This is my home. I want to live there. :iconinloveplz:
lisa-sciannella's avatar
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