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February 28, 2009
Anamnesis of estivation like many of =alexiuss' deviations, is rich in detail and features a winged, halo-ed creature in its subject. It is a wondrous painting, uniting hand-drawn elements with vivid nature imagery under hues of green and yellow. Although the building that tops the image is in ruins, it is an exuberantly optimistic piece, made more powerful by the artist's dedicating it to their fiance.
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Anamnesis of estivation

Anamnesis of Estivation
You are my hope,
And my salvation.
You are my light,
And my elation.

You are my heartbeat and vibration,
You are a message on my cell,
You are a chime of tower’s bell.
And in my mind your thoughts dwell.
You are that heightened sensation.

You are that long, confusing application.
You are that random combination.
That holds the key,
The future, and clarification.

You are that very best vacation.
Where hand in hand we walked alone,
Betwixt the streets of cobblestone,
And as the moon above us shone.
On the window, music box.
Had played to us, the sound of silence.
That sound of heartbeat’s creation

You are my very final tribulation.
I have no questions, and no words to say.
You have no answers and no explanation.

Perhaps just a manifestation?
A figment of imagination?
Complete belief, infatuation!
Your eyes are leading me away.
Your laughter, like the spring in May
Your smile, like a sunny day
You are the song, to which I sway
You are my thought's fixation.

And between the world of gray,
Upon which I walk everyday.
Between skyscrapers, concrete walls and neon lights.
I will remember all the days and all the nights.
And I will act and I will pray
Just so that we can meet again.

Through the autumn’s aging, weary world
Through the winter’s frosty, bitter cold,
Through the spring that still remains,
Through cloudy days and through the rains.
I will recall, Anamnesis of estivation
My amber muse, my angel, and my inspiration.
Creation time: two weeks
Software: Photoshop CS
Textures, references, inspirations shot during summer vacations in Russia (2007) and Croatia (2008).
Hardware: Wacom Intuos 6x8 tablet, Canon 300D
Real size: 20x40 inches (52 x 108 cm) or 9000 x 4600 pixels
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© 2008 - 2021 alexiuss
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Great image, and for once one that were not completely gloomy.

@KasTuk: Ahh thank you, the building were familiar, but in such unfamiliar surroundings and overgrown I could not place it, cept I thought typical Stalin era architecture.
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One of my most favourite painting in the entire universe. Respect man
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Uh, im live nearby!
This is Kotelnicheskaya Embankment.
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a lot of eye movement :D like it
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i love it....
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you know what??, i like pretty much this one.
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love the name *.*
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the U is supposed to correspond to the face, anyway it's supposed to be smiling
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Vrlo lijep crtez!

Romantic, poetic and full of imagination!
Like an angel who is about to face or visit a nightmarish world.
Greetings again!
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Very touching and beautiful poem
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i have dreams of this feels so real, so divine.
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Your work has been featured here: [link]

If you want it removed, please let me know :heart:

Have a wonderful day!
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i think this is the end of the Temple Run game lol
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This looks a little bit like a dream I had years ago
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By God it magnificent, just amazing!!!
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