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Amber Citadel



The west was blazing in the fires.
Soon the shadow of war would cross over these forests and scorch them into a barren landscape.
In the Amber Citadel none had slept this night, its myriads of lights shining through the gathering darkness, reflected by the silver light of the descending moon.

Comission for a design of a web page background.
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This is truly a wonderful painting. I really like how the color blends so smoothly from amber to yellow to white onto the citadel buildings. What I particularly like, though, is how well you did the reflective light on (what I assume are) the plumes of smoke from the moon and the texture of the smoke itself. It's very interesting how you made the smoke cascade and wrap around the moon instead of just rising in front of it, though I suppose the crescent moon for the "C" wouldn't have been visible otherwise haha.

There were two things I noticed that were odd about the painting. Nothing bad or anything that affected the overall quality of the painting itself, just things I noticed that seemed queer. I don't know if this was because of the time constraint you stated or if you simply chose to do it, but the rocks as compared to the citadel buildings themselves have a great deal more detail in their texture. It's sort of like a good and bad things: I for one really love the detail in the texture of the rock faces -- I think it's fantastic. However, on the right side, where the rocks and the citadel meet, it looks odd because the attention to detail seems to drop off drastically. Once again, I don't know if this was intentional or not, and I for one still think the painting looks great, but it sort of looks like a photo of rocks was layered over the painting of the citadel itself. Just looks strange.

This actually did bother me a bit, but the picture is clearly supposed to be from the perspective of a bystander on the rocks looking to the city. However, I think the city was made a bit too large in the sense that it isn't far enough away with respect to distance from the viewer. Going back to the collision of rock and city on the right side, it almost looks like the rocks are right up against the city buildings, making it appear (at least to me) that the city is actually quite small. In this respect, the magnificence of the city is a little down played, a lot more than I think was intended.

I guess overall my point is that the painting is really good, but it looks like half of a photo-realistic environmental drawing was thrown onto one of Tolkien's elven cities. Again, I really like this painting and I'm not trying to bash it, but that does really stand out in my eyes ^^;
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